Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Down on the Farm

I have fallen well short of my weekly blog post goal. The little 10 acre farm is coming along, the basement has been dug and has walls, three goats (two Saanen does and a little LaMancha/pygmy cross wether), 22 guinea keets, 13 chicks, 2 adult chicken mamas (one to mother each clutch), and 5 juvenile chickens (as yet unsexed) have all taken up residence in the barn. So far, we've collected two eggs, lots of great pictures, knowledge, and a fairly bad case of poison ivy. (Goats love to eat PI, but then when loving on you, spread the oil along with the love.

We've gone to St. Mary's in Derby two Sundays now, as that will be the closest to the farm. St. Mary's has a new priest and he seems very nice, intelligent, sweet, and traditional. What more could you ask for?