Thursday, March 1, 2012

Long Time

I am such a failure at being a regular blogger. I'm either too busy having adventures or think that my life is too boring for anyone to read about.

I continue to be in love with Christ and love being Catholic. For Lent, I had planned on doing a pre-1962 traditional fast, but as I'm beginning to accept that I have a food addiction problem, the fast soon became a repast.

It looks like I'm going to have to buckle down and take this food addiction seriously and I'm being resistant. Envision a three year old's temper tantrum--that's the inside of my head. I mean, seriously, how can someone be addicted to food? How insane is that?

I'm not obese, I'm not anorexic. But I'm not at a healthy weight and I'm obsessed with all things food-related. Once I start eating something--like dinner--I can't stop until I'm Monty Python full.

I pray that God will give me the Grace to deal with this. It feels right now even more difficult than other sins that I've repented of. And gluttony is a sin, right? No matter how awesome it feels, or how harmless others hold it. It's one of the big Seven. I have noticed that sometimes when I'm praying or doing spiritual reading, my mind will wander to thoughts of food. This is surely a sign that something is amiss, disordered.

Pray for me, huh?


  1. You might enjoy this post over here: My story is at

    It helped me see my food issues as a way that God protects me.

    Welcome to the Church! I found you on Simcha Fisher's post on NCR.

  2. I want to recommend a blog that has some fantastic ideas and deep thinking about relating to food and building virtue. It's called 'Bearing Blog' and it is at Check the sidebar for the link to the gluttony posts.

    Aside from that, welcome! I also wandered over here from Simcha's place. :-)

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about not being a regular blogger. People who are really interested in your blog will read it regardless of how infrequent you post.

    I think there might me more to gluttony than being addicted to food. If not, I'm in trouble, too. ;)