Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today is Pentecost. I have officially been a Catholic for fifty days, but it seems like much longer than that! Maybe because I've been thinking of myself as being Catholic for almost 10 months. I am fully and completely in love with Jesus, with the Church, and want only to follow God's will.

It has been a rocky 20 odd years since I fell off the straight and narrow path (ha! pun intended) and into the evil one's camp. Was I fully evil during that time? No, definitely not. But I wasn't moral and I wasn't acting like a child of God. For offending God and for the pain I caused to those dear souls who continued to pray for me, most especially my mother, I am most heartily sorry.

I thank God nearly every day that I didn't die while I was out there living a life of immorality. I praise Him that I, just another prodigal daughter, was able to make it back home. I pray that all of the lost souls, all of those prodigal sons and daughters, will have even a momentary clarity of vision and find the road home. Home to a God who loves us and who calls each of us to be holy.

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  1. Beautiful and insightful post! How wonderful it is to read of how someone can find peace and fullfillment in a moral life. many of us have fallen off the moral wagon at various times in our lives, for it seems to be a part of being human. However, it is refreshing that someone like you can put into words the feeling of things being as they should be when a moral life is lived. many of us can't do that.

    keep telling the world, because the world needs to be told what you have to tell.

    John, Australia.