Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ain't Technology Grand?!

I admit that I am only one or two steps removed from Luddite. Maybe everyone already knows about these really awesome IPhone Apps, but just in case there are others like me...

My favorite IPhone App is Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) by Surgeworks (DivineOffice.org). Although Fr. Jim was teaching me to work the Christian Prayer book, and I was getting the hang of it, finding this app was beyond exciting. It automatically updates each day with the invitatory, morning, midday, evening and night prayers as well as the office of readings. and most delightful is that all but the midday prayers have an audio option. The audio option includes the prayers and a hymn.

My new favorite, which I just downloaded and am working with, is the Prayer App, also by Surgeworks. With 2000+ Catholic prayers, you should never be at a loss for an appropriate prayer! The Prayers are indexed and searchable. Once you find one you want to use regularly, you can add it to your favorites. Also includes Catholic Doctrine, Chaplets, Novenas, Rosary and Way of the Cross.

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  1. Aint technology grand, you say. It can also be awfully frustrating. Just to be different, a while ago (like two years ago) I bought a Samsung Touch Screen phone. Oh, it was a marvellous thing. I was able to whizz things across the screen, have pictures come onto the screen to identify who was calling, amazing calendars and alrms and a whole lot of other bells and whistles. It even had a snazzy technology thingy that made the screen go black when you put the phone near your face. It was heat activated and designed so that when the phone is near your face you can't inadvertently touch a button with your cheek and have the phone do something weird in the middle of a call. The only trouble was, that little piece of technology decided to misbehave. Everytime the phone rang, it generated heat and the screen went black and I couldn't even tell who was calling, let alone answer the call! It didn't seem fair that after someone called me, I always had to wait until they hung up and then call them back. Of course it was sent away to be fixed and the answer came back that the damage was caused by moisture, so it was my fault! It seems that perspiration from my face on a hot day managed to get inside the phone and cause it to malfunction. And it was my fault!! Yeah, right...

    So, if I get one of those iPhone thingy's and download prayers and hymns, will my new phone be protected? Does it turn into a Catholic phone? My old one was obviously atheist, if not downright demonic. Has the battle between good and evil even managed to enter the wireless world? Considering how some people use technology, maybe it has. Technology can be grand, but, like everything else mankind seems to come up with, it can also be enslaving and a tool for not so good things.

    It's always up to how we choose to utilisen it. It's a Free Will thingy...